Love in Bali: Resepsi Pernikahan Raisa Andriana dan Hamish Daud Wyllie

Satu pekan setelah hari pernikahan mereka, pasangan Raisa Andriana dan Hamish Daud Wyllie terbang ke Bali untuk kembali menggelar sebuah perayaan istimewa. Kali ini, acara yang digelar berskala lebih kecil dengan gaya yang lebih kasual, namun tak kalah indah dari yang mereka adakan di Jakarta.

Olympic Swimmer Josh Prenot Marries Tiffany Sudarma in ‘Dream’ Bali Wedding: See Inside the Celebration!

“The honeymoon will be a road trip around the South Island of New Zealand,” Prenot tells PEOPLE. “Looking forward to hiking and relaxing…. and being together without the stress of planning a wedding!”

Villa Plenilunio

Villa Plenilunio brings stylishness and originality to Balinese exotic weddings, set in a tropical landscape, on top of the Uluwatu Bukit cliff amplifying the romance of the sea – a mesmerizing backdrop for couples looking for a truly magical and inspiring island setting to mark their marriage in Bali, to renew their wedding vows and to honor commitment.

Plenilunio Villa Wedding – Joulmer & Silvia

On a beautiful evening at Plenilunio Villa, Uluwatu we witness and document the unity of Joulmer and Silvia along with their family and friends. The bride looks stunning and gracious, always hand in hand with the groom they are so in love. The weather was lovely and we got a glimpse of sunset before the moon took over the night.


Have you ever imagined waking up with a stunning heavenly view? Or while strolling around, you see clearly that the sky’s touching the horizon line as long as you throw your gaze? This beauty is what most hotels in Bali have to offer, especially those that are located at the tip top of Bali’s cliffs. Check out this series of 12 STUNNING CLIFF-TOP VILLAS IN BALI!

Dropping Bali Cliff Side Beach Wedding Venues

Want the perfect glamourous Bali wedding surrounded by white sand, golden sunsets, and nature’s blessings? When you’re getting married in a completely different country, it’s hard to do research when you can’t easily visit where your wedding ceremony will be.

Top 9 Venues For Sunset Time In Bali For Every Moments

Bali is home to some of the most picturesque sunsets imaginable or golden time. There are so many different places and beaches scattered throughout Bali’s coastline, all with their unique attractions. On this article we set out nine best venues for sunset time present in the tropical paradise known as Bali. Along as the villas or resorts, these venues have long been known as a multifunctional places for family getaway even for wedding ceremonies.

Stunning Clifftop Venues In Bali For A Magical Wedding

Bali is one of the first places that comes to mind when you want to plan a destination wedding or a honeymoon. With breathtaking coastlines, lush green land, and fascinating culture, it is almost a paradise on earth! Revel in the beauty of nature as you celebrate your union over the top. Here are a few stunning locations to host your opulent wedding that will knock everyone’s socks off!

Getting married in Bali? Here are 5 tips to read first.

A destination wedding sometimes can be both exciting but a little bit daunting, especially if you don’t know much about the chosen destination.