1. Fireworks and Fire Shows:
– Villa Plenilunio strongly advises all wedding planners and clients to obtain a
permit from the local banjar and police before using any fireworks.
– Fire shows need to be discuss with the manager on site.

2. Check-in and Check-out:
– Check-in time is 2 PM, and check-out time is 11 AM.

3. Booking Confirmation and Payment:
– The booking will be considered “confirmed” upon receipt of a 50% deposit of the
total invoice.
– The balance of the total payment is due 30 days before arrival in all seasons.
– For last-minute bookings, a 100% deposit is required before arrival.
– Villa Plenilunio reserves the right to treat the booking as canceled if any portion
of the amount is not paid by the due date.
– Payments can be made in cash or via bank transfer.

4. Security Deposit and Responsibilities:
– A security deposit of 15,000,000 IDR is required.
– The presence of children and newborns must be disclosed before the reservation
is confirmed.
– Guests are responsible for maintaining the property in good and clean
– Guests are required to pay for any damages, breakages, or losses they are
responsible for during their stay.
– Villa Plenilunio retains the right to recover the hired property if excessive
damage or mess is caused by the hirer, members of the guest party, or guest
– Unless otherwise agreed upon, the number of people occupying a bedroom villa
must not exceed the maximum specified in the room description.
– Everyone occupying the villa must be listed in the booking information, including
small children.
– The accommodation cannot be shared or sublet, and only the persons shown in
the booking form are permitted to stay on the property.

5. Venue Booking Refusal and Nyepi (Seclusion Day):
– Villa Plenilunio reserves the right to refuse any venue booking.
– Failure to comply with venue booking regulations will render the booking void,
with no compensation paid by the Villa.
– Due to Seclusion Day (Nyepi), the villa will not accommodate any marriages.


Villa Plenilunio is a registered trademark, and all contents on its website or
the dedicated internet website for owners are the exclusive rights of the

2.Prohibition on Reproduction:
Reproduction of any information, pages, photos, or other contents contained
on the www.pleniluniovilla.com site or the dedicated media for commercial
purposes is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from Villa


Structural or Material Alterations:
No structural or material alterations to Villa Plenilunio are allowed.
Loss or Damage to Personal Items:
Villa Plenilunio is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal items.
Parking Area Disclaimer:
Villa Plenilunio does not assume responsibility for any loss, theft, or damage to
vehicles parked on the premises. Clients are solely responsible for ensuring the
security of their vehicles. We strongly recommend that clients lock their cars
securely and keep the keys in their possession.
By using the parking facilities at Villa Plenilunio, clients acknowledge and agree that
the management and staff are not liable for any incidents occurring in the parking
area. Clients should take necessary precautions to safeguard their property,
including locking the vehicle, securing valuable items, and keeping the keys in a
secure location.
Villa Plenilunio shall not be held responsible for any inconvenience, loss, or damage
related to the use of the parking area. Clients are advised to park in designated
areas and adhere to any additional instructions provided by the staff.
Illegal or Immoral Acts:
The Villa is not responsible for any illegal or immoral acts that violate the laws and
regulations of the Republic of Indonesia carried out by clients/guests in the
environment or within the Villa area. By signing this provision, the client/guest
releases the Villa and its staff from all forms of responsibility, both in criminal and
civil law, related to such acts.

Travel Insurance Recommendation:

Villa Plenilunio strongly recommends obtaining adequate or comprehensive travel
insurance at the time of booking to be protected throughout the visit. This
insurance should cover illnesses, including evacuation, injuries, death, loss of
baggage or personal possessions, theft, cancellation, and other travel
contingencies. Villa Plenilunio is not responsible for any of the aforementioned
Indonesian Visa Requirements:
Villa Plenilunio suggests that guests are informed about all Indonesian visa
requirements. This information can be obtained from the nearest Indonesian
Consulate or Embassy before making a booking.


Villa Plenilunio has the right to cancel a Client’s booking in the following
• at any time facing Force Majeure Clauses.
• if the Client has failed to pay the total balance by the due date. If the cancellation
occurs for the reasons above, then Villa has no obligation to make payments that
have been received or compensation in any form.


1. Cancellation Procedure:
– Cancellations by a client must be submitted in writing and signed by the
individual who made the booking, either by special delivery or email.

2. Cancellation Terms:
– In the event of a client-initiated cancellation for any reason:
a. The deposit payment is forfeited and becomes property of the Villa.
b. The Villa reserves the right to retain 50% (fifty per cent) of the total deposit
payment as compensation.

3. Cancellation Less Than 90 Days Prior to Arrival:
– Any cancellation less than 90 days prior to arrival results in a complete forfeiture
of the deposit. This is to compensate the Villa for the loss of potential bookings that
were turned down after the confirmation of the booking.

4. Postponement of Events:
– Any postponement of an existing event must be confirmed 30 days before the
original event date.
– Any rescheduled event is subject to availability, and the client must adhere to
the terms and conditions applicable at the time of rescheduling.
– If a Force Majeure event occurs, the client has the option to postpone the event
to a later date. The client must notify the Villa of their intention to postpone as soon
as possible.
– In the case of Force Majeure, the client may choose to use the deposited amount
as a credit stay for an unspecified period of time. This credit subject to availability.
– The client is required to provide written notice of their decision to postpone or
use the deposit as a credit to stay within a reasonable time frame after becoming
aware of the Force Majeure event
– The credit stay is valid for a period of [12 months] from the original date of the
event. If the credit is not utilized within this period, it will expire, and standard
cancellation terms will apply.


1. Limitation of Liability:
– Villa Plenilunio shall not be held liable for the failure to execute arrangements
mentioned herein, caused by a labor dispute, acts of God, war, government
regulations, disasters, strikes, civil disorder, fires, floods, epidemics, acts of
terrorism, or any other conditions beyond our control.

2. Continuation of Agreement in Force Majeure:
– In the event of force majeure, any provision governed by this Agreement remains
binding. Where necessary, negotiations can be initiated to establish a new


1. Governing Law and Jurisdiction:
– These terms and conditions, as well as any dispute, controversy, proceedings, or
claim arising in relation to them or concerning any action to be brought pursuant
to this contract or as a result of the GUEST’s occupation of the premises, shall be
governed by the laws of Indonesia.
– Any such matters shall be dealt with by the Courts of Indonesia.

2. Confirmation of Understanding and Compliance:
– As a result, I confirm that I have read, understood, and agree to comply with the
guidelines and the terms and conditions of Villa Plenilunio.
– Furthermore, I am committed to providing or informing this guide, along with the
terms & conditions, to all guests, staff, and clients on behalf of whom I booked
Plenilunio Villa.